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A large bridging Loan Within 48 hours – a case study example

Here is a recent case study example of a client looking to buy to sell quickly.

A property in Kensington in London was offered to our client at a below market value (BMV) price as the owner wanted to avoid putting the property on the market and wanted to sell it as soon as possible.

Alan was contacted on a Tuesday morning and were told that he had until Thursday at 12.00 to sell the property or the owner would be putting it on the market. It was a flat in a very desirable area of London so a significantly large bridge loan of 600,000 was needed in a very short space of time and he was able to get back to the seller first thing Thursday morning.

The valuation was performed the very next day and, because of a good asset portfolio, we were able to secure a good deal on a bridge loan.

The property was sold five months later at very significant profit.