About Us

Firstly, it is important to explain that buytosellmortgage.co.uk is NOT a registered mortgage broker firm. We are a collection of very experienced financial advisers from a variety of backgrounds that have come together online to combine our experience in the property development finance industry. Long-term, we hope to grow this website into a valuable source of information and advice on property development finance.

You can find out about some of the advisers below.


AlanAlan is a  veteran adviser with over 24 years experience as a mortgage broker and financial adviser. Alan owns his own mortgage broker firm (Mortgage Integrity Ltd) and has the most experience in new build properties, finance for property flippers and specialist mortgages for investment properties. Alan has worked closely alongside a number of residential property development companies for a number of years and has crucial links in the industry.

Having been a succesfull property developer himself in his hayday, Alan understand the needs and concerns of his clients. He is our bridging finance expert and we consider him to be one of the very best bridging finance brokers in the country, if not the best. He can get you the finance you need fast. Alan can arrange short term finance for  investors, businesses and individuals.

Alan’s links within the property development industry means that he has access to a number of off market property deals. If you’re interested in finding development properties that either aren’t going to be sold on the market, or that haven’t yet been taken to market, then drop him a message.


PetePete has been an adviser for a number of years now having worked his way up the ranks of a small firm in Nottingham. He went on to work for some big lenders, including Lloyds TSB for two years, and was one of the best performing brokers in the UK. However, Pete is happiest as an independent adviser and came back to being an independent broker.

Pete is an expert in hard to place mortgages, for example finding finance for those with adverse credit histories. Pete is also our self-employed applicant expert and is an absolute library of information of lenders and criteria for those who are self-employed or in business.


MattMatt has been a financial adviser since 2002. He is an all rounder but also knows the Buy to Let market inside out. He is also our go-to guy for commercial mortgages and finance. He is often asked to share his expert opinions on the financial market on BBC radio.

Matt is over-qualified to his eyeballs and can help you with anything from pensions and investments to business and key person insurance to home insurance and life assurance.


LucyLucy is the backbone of the service. Lucy started out as an expert in coffee and tea and has now worked her way up the ranks. She is now our key admin and PR person. Lucy is the crucial link between our clients and the right advice/adviser.

Lucy will put in all the work in the back-office for you and works tirelessly to ensure that everything is going to plan and that the lenders are doing their bit. Lucy is often the unsung hero of all our endorsements.

This is nowhere near an exhaustive list of the advisers we work with and we will add more as we go on. For more information about the specialists we work with feel free to ask!

Whatever you’re looking for, get in touch with us and we promise we will do our very best to provide you with the best service possible.